August Book Review

The Art of WAR By SUN TZU 

The Art of War has stood dominant in position throughout time as the most influential book of all time.

The Art of War was written by Sun Wu a rather mysterious man. It has believed that he born around 500 BCE and was the commander of the southern state of Wu earning the title Sun Tzu meaning Master Sun.

There are many conflicting stories behind the writing of the book that it may have been not just one man but multiple men.

The book is divided into 13 chapters covering aspects of warfare from planning to diplomacy. Even though the book has WAR in the title Sun Tzu does not glorify war. In fact he believes that war is the last resort and that it is a waste of men and important resources.

I think this book should be read slowly and taken in fully. Each page was dense with so many thought provoking ideas.

I believe and can easily see this book being applied to our current day. By using the strategies whether in our careers or our personal lives; we can truly get ahead.

It truly is mind blowing how throughout the years The Art of War is appreciated by an unfathomable amount of readers across the globe. 

⭐️ 4.5