December Book Review 12/19/2021

The Irishman (I heard You Paint Houses) 

By Charles Brandt

A true from narrative told through the eyes of WWII veteran Frank Sheeran (hustler/hitman). The book records the events of Sheeran's crimes committed working for the Bufalino family.

Frank Sheeran narrates one of greatest unsolved mysteries, the disappearance of James *Jimmy* Hoffa (legendary union boss); through recorded interviews between Sheeran and Brandt that lasted around five years. 

The novel starts off with personal details on Franks life and the unfortunate events that he has to endure. These details are very important for us as readers to understand Sheeran's psyche. 

"I heard you paint houses" is the first words Jimmy ever said to Frank. Which basically means killing for money, while the "paint" is the blood that splatters after the job. 

Frank talks about how his relationship grew throughout time and how he and Jimmy became very close friends. Eventually a decision in the mafia was made to have Jimmy killed and by none other than his friend Frank. This especially was a bold confession made by Frank which solved the mystery.

"You did what you had to do" Sheeran says this in WWII which plays a massive role in his job with the mob. Showing no feelings and just getting the job done or you would be at the receiving end of the gun.

The book has this as-a-matter-of-factly manner to it. So many details were stated so calmly by Frank Sheeran just saying them literally as they happened. 

This was definitely a page turner portraying the mysteries of organized crime, rivalries and the connections to mainstream politics. 

⭐️ 5