September Book Review

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm is a Satirical Allegorical Novella; a fairy story. George Orwell was heavily effected by Soviet Communism in Spain and it is because of that experience he wrote Animal Farm.

Orwell wrote this story as a allegorical lesson to all who yearn for a UTOPIA; and the failure to protest against the world people live in is a recurrent then in his works.

Animal Farm is a tale about animals rising up and taking control of their own destiny by attacking Mr.Jones and his men to take over the farm. Snowball and Napoleon took charge but soon Napoleon takes control and slowly reduces Snowballs legacy. They set out in creating commandments to live by thus creating their own version if “utopia”. Napoleon appointed himself as leader. He started as if he was the heroic leader who cared for the animals and their wellbeing. But slowly implied and implemented that bravery wasn’t enough and that loyalty and obedience were more important.

The animals always were conscious of a vague uneasiness but they never believed their own thoughts. -in a state of remembering vs. thinking they remember- they somehow just gave in to whatever that was told them by the pigs especially when it was detailed. They’d ignore their inner feelings and just accept what was given to them.

Ironically the pigs slowly took over the farm and were constantly brainwashing the animals all while taking the roles of humans. I didn’t think the abrupt ending did the story justice.

“All animals are equal but some more than equal others.”

They’re so many overlapping similarities between Orwells writing with the totalitarian rule and how people just give in to what is being told/shown to them and how rebellions somehow always disappear and are just a fragment of a few character’s memories slowly being forgotten over time.

⭐️ 3.5